Product Care

Our love of leather

As quality has always been a key driver in the Wittner products, it is easy to understand why we have developed a love of high grade leather.

Natural and Full Aniline leathers are our passion. Aniline Leather is top grain leather which is natural, soft and breathable. Whilst the most expensive and difficult to use, aniline leathers present a superior product to semi aniline leathers.

Leather will age and fade with wear as it is a natural material. As a result, the colour and texture can vary which is one of the unique qualities of leather. The more natural the leather, the easier it is to keep your feet in balance for day to day living.

Wittner take pride in using natural and full aniline leather in our products. You only have one pair of feet, so they deserve to be surrounded by beautiful leather.      


The leather used in Wittner shoes comes from these leading tanneries in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Africa and India.

Today, movement to chrome free processing is progressing at a faster rate than the current growth of China. At Wittner we are exploring these and other eco friendly options with our supply partners.

Caring for your leather

There are many different variations of leather and treatments used on leathers today. Below, is our advice to maintain Wittner leather shoes, bags and jackets.


It is recommended that most leather products are protected before wearing. Wittner Waterproof Spray is the most popular protection option for all our leather, suede and nubuck products. The spray is designed to repel water, preserve and protect leather. When protecting your products with Wittner Waterproof Spray, please cover any embellishments, jewels and trims.

We do not recommend the use of Waterproofer on metallics, patents and box leathers. These are protected leathers that have a covering or film applied to the leather to create a special finish.

Wittner Waterproofer cannot be purchased online as the aerosol cannot be sent through the post. However, you can purchase Waterproof Spray at any Wittner store.


Wittner Natural Leather Crème is designed to protect and nourish leather products. The Natural Creme is suitable for tan, natural and coloured leathers.
For black leather products it is recommended that the Wittner Black Shoe Crème is used.
Please test the crème on a small, not noticeable part of the leather product before applying.
The leather crème cannot be used on any suede, nubuck, metallic or patent leathers.


Most leather cleaners are specialised depending on the type of leather. Wittner do not sell leather cleaners. It is important for you to get these from your local shoe repairer, who would be best to advise you if required. 


It is a good idea to polish any patent leather products to remove any fingerprints or marks on the product. We advise Wittner Instant Shine to polish your product.


Care for your shoes by storing them in a dry and well ventilated area.


It is recommended to use Wittner Waterproof Spray before wearing/ using our satin, canvas and fabric products. Please cover any embellishments, jewels and trims.


It is recommended that you store your Wittner satin evening shoes, bags and clutches in the Wittner cover bag which they were purchased and/or its box. Please also keep them in a dry, well ventilated area.