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Eating disorders and negative body image affects more than 1 million people in Australia, taking the lives of approximately 1,800 Australians each year. This is a heartbreaking statistic we would like to change and with your help we will.

Every time you buy a pair of heels from our Heel to Heal Collection, you’re helping us raise vital funds for The Butterfly Foundation, who work passionately to promote positive body image and bring hope to Australians with eating disorders and their families. For every pair of shoes purchased from our beautiful range of wardrobe essentials, Wittner will donate $5 directly to The Butterfly Foundation.

The goal of the Heel to Heal campaign is to help promote positive body image and lessen the impact of eating disorder illnesses on the lives of carers and their families, a group often overlooked and neglected. With your help and the funds raised, Butterfly will be able to expand carer support groups, hold a greater number of counselling sessions and workshops and offer more trained counsellors on their National Support Line. All important ways to help lessen the impact of eating disorder illnesses on the lives of carers and their families. We hope our partnership raises awareness and supports women everywhere to Walk Tall.

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Our Supporters

Supporting the campaign are three Australian women who have all personally struggled with body image at some point in their lives. Emma Lung, actor on Channel 10’s ‘Wonderland’, Carissa Walford, Channel [V] presenter, and Scherri-Lee Biggs, Channel 9 TV host have joined the campaign to spread this important message and promote positive body image.

To find out more about Emma, Carissa and Scherri-Lee visit our blog.


At Wittner our vision is to encourage women to “Walk Tall” and put confidence in a woman’s step every day. We have a unique opportunity as a leading retailer to promote messages of positive body image and to support the Butterfly Foundation’s goals. We aim to promote healthy, confident women whether they are employees, customers or models we use. We recognise dieting and low self esteem are the greatest risk factors to developing eating disorders and we take our responsibilities as a leading footwear retailer and employer of women seriously to raise awareness and educate women about the issue. Our commitment to positive body image covers key areas including: Recruitment & Staff Support, Education, Advertising and Promotion and Community Support.



Every time you purchase from the Heel to Heal Collection, we will donate $5 per pair directly to The Butterfly Foundation to promote positive body image and support Australians with eating disorders and their families.





The Butterfly Foundation is Australia’s national foundation supporting people with eating disorders and negative body image. The Butterfly Foundation's vision is to raise community and government awareness about the reality of eating disorders, and to support anyone affected by eating disorders and negative body image. This includes sufferers, carers, family and friends. For more information visit

For help call The The Butterfly Foundation's National Support Line 1800 ED HOPE - (1800 33 4673) or email



Eating disorders are estimated to affect approximately 9% of the Australian population. The impact of an eating disorder is not only felt by the individual, but often by that person’s entire family or circle of support. For families, the impact may include caregiver stress, loss of family income, disruption to family relationships and a high suicide risk. All eating disorders come with severe medical complications and increased mortality rates. The mortality rate for people with eating disorders is the highest of all psychiatric illnesses. While eating disorders can occur in people of all ages, adolescences represent a high number of people with the illness.

Eating disorders represent the third most common chronic illness for young females. Studies of body dissatisfaction in adolescence have found that 70% of teenage girls have body dissatisfaction and as identified in the Mission Australia Youth Survey (2013) body dissatisfaction is one of the top ranked issues of concern for young people. The earlier the intervention, the higher the chance of a strong recovery. Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice nor are they just about food or weight – there are so many other factors, like anxiety, low self-esteem, identity and lack of direction. For more information, please visit The Butterfly Foundation’s official website here.


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