Employment and Career Opportunities.

The Wittner business has expanded over all the mainland Australian states in recent years, having opened some 48 stores in the last 20 years. This would not have been possible without the contribution made by a dedicated and talented personnel team, whose various skills are as diverse because of where they live, and as specialised because of the position they occupy.

Being an Australian wholly owned family business dedicated to the further expansion of the group, Wittner is a company that provides stimulating employment and career opportunities for people who have the dedication and will to succeed.

Employment opportunities arise in many different areas:

  • In the stores, Managers and Assistant Managers are required to demonstrate leadership and inspire excellence from the staff located in their store.
  • Fashion Consultants, for full time, part time or casual positions who genuinely love the fashion business, and enjoy interacting with the consumer.
  • In Administration, where specialist activities require Accounting, IT or Staff training skills; or in Merchandising and Marketing roles where prior experience is invaluable.

Our promotion policy is unequivocal, in that wherever possible, promotions occur from within company ranks.

Wittner is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  This means that when you join Wittner, you are given the necessary training to launch yourself on a career path with the company. When and where specific external training is required, the company supports it in the most practical way, by paying for it and facilitating your participation in the training during working hours.

If you would like to contemplate joining the Wittner Group, we invite you to click on the appropriate link, Available Positions or General Application.

All discussions will be strictly in confidence so as to not jeopardize any current employment you may have.